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Virtual Programs

Year-round, 4131 impacts people at a multitude of locations, from libraries to festivals, where we show off our team and educate our community about FIRST Robotics.

This year, after safety restrictions impacted our ability to spread FIRST’s message at in-person events, we had a chance to be creative with our outreach, starting with sharing information about how to stay safe. During the summer, we saw that due to closed schools, kids missed out on learning and developing a passion for STEM, which created an opportunity for us to help our community.

Summer of STEM

We developed and ran a two-week long daily virtual summer camp for 40+ elementary and middle schoolers, covering topics from coding to geology, and including talks from guest speakers about future STEM careers. 

Fall FLL Program

We created a virtual FLL camp to teach the building blocks of FLL: designing, coding, and core values. We partnered with two other FRC teams, 2976 and 492, to divide up the lessons over the course of the three-month-long program. Despite not being in person, our FLL efforts continued to be successful with over 60 signups from grades 2-7. 


This year, we expanded upon our WOWS day event by having a virtual multi-day spring STEM workshop, exclusively for girls. Students learned about various robotics concepts and had opportunities to apply what they learned.

Want to run your own summer camp? Or want to learn how to compete in FLL, covering skills such as design, coding, and core values? 

We have developed and prepared lessons for our Summer of STEM camp and Fall FLL Program that are ready to be taught!

Check out the different lessons here: Summer of STEM and Fall FLL Program 

If you want 4131 help with developing and planning your own virtual program, please reach out to us at:

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