Our Mentors

Doug Chappelle

Head Mentor

Began mentoring in 2011
Doug is a technical fellow at Boeing where he's worked for 30 years as a complex systems integrator on programs like AWACS and the USAF Tanker. He started with robotics 35 years ago while at MIT and is a founding mentor of 4131. In his free time Doug likes to hike, bike, pilot small aircraft, and scuba dive. 

Tod Oney

Staff Advisor

Began mentoring in 2013
Tod is an electrical engineer with an MBA and has owned and managed multiple industries for 25+ years. His passion for helping kids has led him to teach STEM and is now a graduation specialist at Liberty High School. In free time Tod likes to be with his family, travel, and completing home projects.

Robert Wenzel

Head Hardware Mentor 

Began Mentoring in 2015
Robert started mentoring FRC robotics in the summer of 2011 when his daughter, Natalie, joined team 399. When she graduated he and his family moved to Washington and joined us as mentors. Robert is ex-Air Force where he worked as an electronics technician. He also has a college degree in English as well as training in mechanical and electrical engineering. 

Michael Dahlgren

Head Electronics and Software Mentor

Began Mentoring in 2015
Michael started mentoring FRC in 2012, back in Texas, and then switched to 4131 in 2015. He is an industrial engineer for Boeing and also volunteers at FRC competitions as a robot inspector. As a mentor, his favorite part is being able to help the kids on the team, with both wiring and becoming good people. In his free time, he likes going to video game conventions.

Eileen Wenzel

Head Admin Mentor

Began Mentoring in 2015​
Eileen began her robotics experience in Lancaster, CA with team 399. When she and her family moved here in 2015 she loved robotics so much that she had to join another team. As a mentor, Eileen loves working on media projects such as Chairman's, and in her free time she enjoys cooking, home improvement, gardening and spending time with family.

Drew Hardcastle

Outreach Mentor/Alum

Began mentoring in 2018
Drew joined FRC 4131 in her junior year of high school and became president in her senior year. She loved robotics so much she came back to mentor after she graduated. Currently Drew has an AA from Bellevue college and is now studying English and education at Western Washington University. In her free time, she enjoys playing Magic the Gathering, going to rock concerts, and volunteering. 

Noah Sather

FTC Mentor

Began mentoring in 2018

Noah started being a FTC mentor for the 2019 season, but started helping the team out in 2018. He works as a professor and researcher at Seattle Children's Hospital. He likes being able to help the kids on the team become the next generation of engineers and problem-solvers. In his free time, he likes spending time outdoors, along with skiing and snowboarding.


Joe Bergin

Hardware Mentor/Alum

Began mentoring in 2018

Mickey Jacobson

Hardware Mentor

Began Mentoring in 2014

David Beeman

Hardware Mentor

Began mentoring in 2014

Patrick Quam

Software Mentor/Alum

Began mentoring in 2018

Thank you, Mentors, 

for all you do!