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Design Resources

  • Download Inventor

    • Create an account under 'Liberty Sr. High School' to get our CAD software. Ask any of our experienced design members for more information.

  • Download Fusion 360

    • Note: Inventor is our primary CAD program, but some find various functions in Fusion 360 useful (spur gear creation!) and use it for those.

  • GrabCAD

    • Use this to find CAD models of other teams' robots and other assemblies/parts that may be useful in the future. An account is needed to download files.

  • FRC Tutorials by SWAT 771

    • The Design and Mechanical tabs will be the most helpful. We do not use the same software as covered in the CAD tab.

  • An Idiot's "Complete" Guide to FRC

    • This guide goes through and overview of most of FRC, but mechanisms that are especially important to design can be found from slides 56 to 74. The mechanical overview in all the slides before this can help, too.

  • 2019 Robot Reveals

    • This is good place to start looking for past robots to learn from--but don't stop here! Watch any and all robot reveals that you can, and learn from them. Many of your teammates will be happy to show you some of the robots they like.

  • An Intro Guide to 3D Printing

    • A great guide for beginners to learn about 3D printing. Thank you to Eliza from the Lyndhurst STEM Club for Girls for sharing this great resource with us! 

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