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Special Olympics Washington: Unified Robotics 

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What is Unified?:

Unified Robotics is a partnership between FIRST and Special Olympics to give STEM opportunities to students with intellectual disabilities. The program uses LEGO robotics and promotes teamwork between students with and without intellectual disabilities

Our Work:

The Iron Patriots believe that all students should be able to experience the joy of robotics, regardless of their ability level. With that in mind, we created our school’s first Unified Robotics (UR) teams, operating under Special Olympics. Our Unified teams don’t just benefit the athletes participating—they exist to benefit both the athletes and partners alike. Last year, we had three Unified teams, and we hope to continue to expand the program this season.


Due to our efforts with Unified, we have been able to receive three FIRST Foster Awards, which celebrate our efforts to make inclusion a cultural norm in the community. We are the only school to have received the Foster Award, and starting in 2019, we were given the opportunity to be the official ambassadors for Unified Robotics.

Our Goal:

As the Unified Robotics ambassadors, our team wishes to spread Unified Robotics much further than its current reach in order to benefit more students and introduce many to a world of STEM they may have previously been shut out of. We have been reaching out to other FRC robotics teams and schools in our area, but to completely achieve this goal of furthering STEM equality in our country we need YOUR help.

Are you interested in starting a Unified Robotics team in your school or community? Fill out this form and we will contact you with details on how you can join the Unified Revolution

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