Outreach Events and Volunteering

Every year our team takes pride in helping out our community in any way we can. We try and help in a lot of ways, like teaching people about STEM and FIRST or even just doing a simple food drive. We also love helping out any FIRST teams in need! We are always looking for ways to help our community, so if you would like help at an event or want us to come teach people about STEM just email us at lhsfrc4131@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Below are some events that we attend and places we volunteer at!


We like to call our initiative of spreading STEM and FIRST through out our community #BringSTEM2Them.

Volunteering with FIRST

Our team members and mentors love to volunteer at all kinds of FIRST events from being judges at FLL events to field clean up at FRC events!


Working with the

City of Renton

Our team is proud to work with the city of Renton on multiple projects and events that they have throughout the year. Some of the events include the Summer Lunch Program and Renton River Days. 

Mentoring Clark


We loved mentoring at Clark Elementary for Robotics Camp over 4 weeks. Kids learned how to build and program EV3s and were challenged to tasks that we had fun making. We were also able to introduce them to FIRST and show our robot.


Northwest Harvest

We take pride in volunteering monthly at Northwest Harvest, a local food bank. Since starting to volunteer here we've helped provide over 20,000 meals to our community.

Elementary School Outreach

We like to travel to different elementary schools all over Western Washington and teach kids and adults about robotics and FIRST! 


Newcastle Days

Every year we enjoy partnering with the city of Newcastle to present our robot and teach the festival attendees all about FIRST!

Highlands Day

Every year we love going to Highlands Day and teaching festival attendees of all ages about robotics!


Working with the

City of Issaquah

We work with the city of Issaquah at multiple events such as Salmon Days and Issaquah Youth Advisory Event. We look forward to working with them more!

Outreach within our School

Our team enjoys helping out our school in a variety of ways such as launching T-shirts at assemblies or participating in welcoming freshmen.


Relay for Life

This year we showed off our robot and walked in Renton's Relay for life. We loved being able to raise awareness for cancer. Can't wait to attend next year!

Card Drive

We hand make valentines cards each year for retirement home members and people who are active military. After making around 150 cards we like to deliver them to the retirement homes and visit with the residents.


YMCA Volunteering

We enjoy partnering with our local YMCA to promote STEM and robotics at different events.

Liberty Beautification

The Iron Patriots love our school and all that it does for us. So, to give a little back we help maintain a few flower beds around campus and help garden where needed!


VA Hospital


Super happy to be able to connect with the veterans at Renton Veterans Center and show them robotics!

Mental Health Awareness 5K

We loved being able to support the cause of raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention along with demonstrating our robot to many kids at the VT Seva Seattle 5K Walk-a-thon 

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