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Student Leaders


Vachan Shah

My name is Vachan Shah and I am the current team president for the 2022-2023 school year. I really enjoy the competitive environment that robotics provides. I really like Formula One, photography, and cinematography. I look forward to this coming season, and am excited for what our team can do in this coming year.

Aniket Singh
Vice President

Hey, I'm Aniket! I love robotics (obviously) and everybody who is involved with this club. In my free time, I like to procrastinate, spend time with friends, and cry over homework! 


Carson Taylor
Head of Design

Hello, my name is Carson. I'm a senior and currently the team's head of design (as well as former head of hardware). Outside of robotics, I remain an avid engineer who is also interested in amateur chemistry, rocketry, programming, and 3D printing. I'm looking forward to owning the credit of the team's best robot next year!


Megan Le

Hi, I’m Megan (also spelled Megun)! I’m a junior and the treasurer for this year. I joined robotics because of my sister, but my love for learning keeps me coming back. I enjoy the design subteam, where I don’t have to move around as much but still create cool-looking prototypes! I play the piano and viola and am also a part of the Model UN, Math, Physics, and Science Olympiad club.

Casey Final.jepg.jpg

Jun Malit 

Head of Software

Hey, I'm Jun the junior, the team's current head of software. My interests are robotics, playing music on my trombone/guitar, more robotics, and our current robotics president. I joined the team by pretending I knew what I was doing and now people think I'm smart or something. Love these idiots like family and robotics is my entire life now. 10/10 would recommend.

mega mega balls.PNG

Casey Frantz
Head of Hardware

Hi, I'm Casey! I'm a senior on my 4th-ish year on the team (I didn't do much in 2020), but I joined robotics to explore and narrow down my interests in STEM. I'm now applying to universities for mechanical engineering. I like to play video games of all sorts and I'm also really into playing saxophone.

Akash Krishna 

Head of Relations

Hey, I'm Akash and I'm a sophomore. This is my second year on the team, and I can't wait to see the team grow this year in both our mechanical and business efforts. I like walking my dog, drawing, and eating bagels. My favorite part of robotics last year was that time someone brought Chipotle catering and also when I met Justine.

Victor Wang

Head of Electronics

Hello, I am Victor. I am a junior and this is my second year on this team. I joined robotics because I have an affinity for building things. I am currently the Head of Electronics and I supervise all activities involving and relating to electrical components, 12V batteries, and system prototyping (primarily) during build season. I play the trumpet and the piano, and I also attend physics club.


Rachel Kollarmalil

Head of Media

Hi, I'm Rachel! I joined Media because I have no interest in in robots but wanted to join robotics, and I'm glad I did. In my free time, I binge-watch Netflix, bake, read, listen to Taylor Swift on repeat, and make plans to re-vamp my life (I never follow through). I am so excited to see what this season holds, especially at Worlds!

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