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After Auburn MV and PNW Championship

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late up date, but here is what happened at Auburn Moutainview competition.

We were picked 1st on the 8th alliance. On the alliance was Seabot (1258) and The Roboctopi (4918), unfortunately we were defeated in eliminations rounds.

Later during awards ceremony we won the Imagery Award, our mentor Rob Wenzel became a Woodie Flowers award semi-finalist, and we were runner-up for the Safety award. After all this happened we ended up qualifying for PNW regional Championships.

That's where we are today! We arrived in Portland at around 3:30 pm, went to the stadium, and got everything ready. We will be competing with out robot, but also for Engineering Inspiration, and Rob will be competing to see if he moves on to world champs for Woodie Flowers.

If you would like to support the team, you can watch us at this link (

and out match list is: 9,16,22,33,44,54,74,81,90,105,113,119

Can't wait to see how we do, GO PATRIOTS!!!

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